Oregon Black Truffles ( Leucangium carthusianum )


The Oregon Black Truffle (Leucangium carthusianum) season, typically, begins mid to late December and can run through the month of April.

This truffle is highly prized for its ability to be used in dessert applications. Oregon Black Truffle whipped cream has been known to disappear by the bowlful around here! They have high end aromatic notes of ripe fruit and sweet cheese, with deeper, low end caramel-mushroom profiles. The sweeter, brighter aromas mellow and ferment slightly as the truffle nears the end of its’ ripening cycle.

Oregon Black Truffles enliven and uplift, otherwise bland, starches. A well put together baked mac and cheese utilizing a quality, aged white cheddar and black truffle fortified bechamel is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Compound truffle butter swirled into stock based sauces or rubbed under the skins of chickens prepped for roasting; delicious. There is, truly, no end to the possibilities the Oregon Black Truffle presents to the creative culinary adventurer.






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